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Calling cards and prepaid phone cards are a great way to save money on international calls, but they add a couple steps to your dialing sequence - unless you have a card with PIN-free access and speed dial.

If you make a lot of calls to India or elsewhere, especially calls to and from the same numbers, you will save time by buying a calling card or prepaid plan with advanced dialing features such as PIN-less dialing and/or speed dial.

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How to Dial Using a Calling Card

Here's how to use a calling card to dial an international phone call to Chennai:

1. Dial the calling card access number

You must first dial a toll-free access number or local access number to connect into the calling card company's communications network. You can find your calling card company's access numbers on the company's website or on the card itself.

Note that higher rates often apply to toll-free access numbers.

2. Dial the calling card account number and/or PIN

Your calling card or prepaid calling plan will have a unique account number and PIN. Once you connect thru the company's access number, you will generally be prompted to enter one or both of these numbers - especially if you bought a physical card at a retail store. In many cases with cards bought online, you will have been able to pre-register your telephone numbers and so may only need to dial a PIN to confirm your identity (and in many cases not even that).

Your account number and PIN will have been emailed to you or, if a physical card, will be written directly on the card itself. The account number and PIN uniquely identifies your specific card so the company can track your calls and verify your minutes.

Account numbers and PINs can be tedious to punch in, so you should consider buying a PIN-less card which allows you to pre-register certain phone numbers you are likely to be calling from. After you spend a few minutes setting up PIN-free dialing, the calling card company will recognize you when you call from any of your designated phone numbers.

3. Dial your Chennai telephone number

Once you are connected to your provider's telephone network, you need to dial your destination phone number in Chennai. This is the full international phone number for calling a Chennai / Bombay landline or mobile phone shown here - except that many calling card companies do not require you to dial the international access code. You need to check with your calling card for specifics.

In other words, with most calling cards, the international number you need to dial will generally include:

  • a destination country code (aka ISD)
  • a local area code (aka STD or city code)
  • a local subscriber number

And again, with many calling cards you don't have to dial the international access code / IDD. You just start in with the country code.

Note also that many cards allow you to set up Speed Dial codes for numbers you call frequently. This works like speed dial on your home or mobile phone and can save a lot of time.

4. If you want to make another call...

Many cards allow you to make multiple calls in one 'connection'. For cards with connection fees, this can save you money.

Where supported, you generally terminate your current call using a special dialing code - for example, ' ** ' - and then immediately dial your next call starting with the country code. See details for your specific card.

If you need further help, please check with your calling card provider for specific instructions. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to assist you.

Dialing Tips

  • Buy a calling card with 'PIN-less' access if you dial from the same phone regularly
  • Buy a calling card with 'speed dial' if you call the same numbers often

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